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Imaginations of Exoplanets



All ages and skill levels are welcome, minors (under 18) must have permission of a parent or guardian to participate.

Your submission may take the form of a sketch or graphic in the provided template (link to PDF) (en Español).

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) project team is inspired by your imagination of what kind of exoplanets TESS will find! Visions of other worlds around other stars have captured the imagination of people throughout history. What would those new worlds look like?

Submissions received prior to the end of November 2017 were placed in digital format on a SD Card that was attached to the aft-deck of the TESS spacecraft. This art will fly aboard the TESS spacecraft while it searches the sky for new worlds outside of our solar system (called exoplanets). The submissions that have been place onboard TESS are indicated in the gallery with a “Flown on TESS” caption. As additional and new submissions are received, they will be included in our online gallery.

Small TESS Coloring Spacecraft

Email your contribution to:

Your submission may be shared by NASA after it is received via your email on Twitter (@NASA_TESS), Facebook (https://www. and on the TESS website ( Please let us know if you have a username to tag if your art is selected to be shared by us in social media.

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Fly Your Exoplanet on TESS + Download | PDF | 2 Pages | 654KB

Participar en la búsqueda de nuevos mundos y vuela tu arte de exoplaneta con la Encuesta de Satélite de Exoplaneta Transitorio (TESS). ¡Ahora en Español!

Fly Your Exoplanet on TESS+ Descargar | PDF | 2 Páginas | 626KB

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