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TESS Spacecraft


TESS SpacecraftThe TESS mission will be based on Orbital's LEOStar-2 platform, a flexible, high-performance spacecraft for space and Earth science, remote sensing and other applications. LEOStar-2 can accommodate various instrument interfaces, deliver up to 2 kilowatt orbit average payload power, and support payloads up to 500 kilograms. Performance options include redundancy, propulsion capability, high data rate communications, and high-agility/high-accuracy pointing. TESS will be the eighth LEOStar-2 based spacecraft built for NASA. Previous missions include SORCE, GALEX, AIM, NuSTAR and OCO-2 spacecraft.

Orbital ATK LEOStar-2 spacecraft bus:

  • 3-axis stabilized pointing, with ≤3 arc-sec performance
  • Two-headed star tracker; 4 wheel zero-momentum system
  • 433W single-axis articulating solar array
  • Passive thermal control
  • Mono-propellant propulsion system
  • Ka-band 100 Mbps science downlink

+ Orbital ATK TESS Factsheet

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